ODL vs OPU Odisa T20 Dream11 Team Prediction

VENUE:- Barabati Stadium, Cuttack.
Time:-3:30 PM.

Pitch Condition/Report:-

The surface here at the Barabati Stadium is a batting-friendly wicket and batters can make use of this opportunity to put big runs on the board. Since it’s an evening match, dew factor comes into play and bowlers may struggle to contain runs in the latter half of the match, hence whoever wins the toss should bowl first.

Average first innings score:

166 (Considering 5 IPL matches played on this venue)

Record of chasing teams:

Won – 3, Lost – 2, Tie – 0

Average first innings score:

140 (Last 6 matches of this competition played on this venue)

Record of chasing teams:

Won ­– 4, Lost – 2, Tie – 0

MGM Odisha T20 2021 – Match Details

Odisha Lions are at present set at the fourth situation on brings up table with 3 successes of 7 matches played up until this point. Their net run rate is somewhat higher than that of Odisha Tigers and they are bound to make it into the semi last spots. In the last game they played against Odisha Pumas, Lions won the throw and chose to have a bat first. The beginning was horrible as Swastik Samal took 22 balls for his moderate paced innings of 8 runs before he ran himself out. Subhrajyoti Mishra and Ajay Goura were likewise excused economically. At a certain point, the scorecard read 37 for 3 in the ninth over with no genuine force into the innings. Sujit Skhetra Lenka and Rakesh Pattanaik gave a little push to the procedures by putting on a remain of 44 runs for the fourth wicket. Rakesh Pattanaik scored a familiar 26 off 18 balls while Lenka made 39 off 40 conveyances. This association lit trusts in Odisha Lions to arrive at a good aggregate however whenever it was broken, none of the lower request batsmen took any battle to the resistance and gave up their arms of counter assault. Eventually, Lions were confined to a little add up to of 118 for 8 of every 20 overs.


S Samal- 8, 9 (OVER-1,W-0), 56*, 21

S Mishra- 7, 43*, 24

A Goura- 1

S Lenka- 39, 32, DNB, 0

R Pattanaik- 26 (OVER-4,W-2), 23 (OVER-3,W-2), DNB (OVER-3,W-1), 33 (OVER-4,W-2)

D Behera- 1 (OVER-4,W-4), 0 (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), 2 (OVER-3.4,W-0)

N Bhanja- 18 (OVER-3.4,W-0), 26 (OVER-3.1,W-3), DNB (OVER-1,W-0), 14 (OVER-3,W-1)

B Rout- 9 (OVER-1,W-0), 7* (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 24*

B Beheri- 1*, DNB, 3 (OVER-1,W-0)

A Giri- 0* (OVER-3,W-1), 0 (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-3)

C Sahoo- DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-1,W-0)


D Behera- 27

S Panda- 7

S Sahoo- 1 (OVER-3,W-2), DNB (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

A Mangaraj- DNB (OVER-1.5,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

A Tripathi- DNB


A Nayak- 11, 8, 26*

S Pattnaik- 21, 51 (OVER-3,W-1), 0

P Majhi- 27, 0, 22

A Singh- 35* (OVER-1,W-0), 20, 4 (OVER-2,W-0), 0, 3 (OVER-1,W-0)

P Das- 0, 9, 3, 30, 31

P Singh- 8 (OVER-4,W-1), 1 (OVER-4,W-2), 28 (OVER-4,W-1), 2 (OVER-2,W-0), 24 (OVER-3,W-0)

S Mohanty- 7*, 4, 14*, 25, 1

T Sahoo- DNB (OVER4,W-2), 40 (OVER-3,W-0), 61 (OVER-4,W-2), 15 (OVER-3,W-0), 22 (OVER-4,W-3)

D Singh- DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-3.3,W-2), DNB (OVER-3,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

P Rana- DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 1 (OVER-4,W-1), 2 (OVER-4,W-1), 11* (OVER-2,W-0), 3 (OVER-3.5,W-4)

J Thapa- DNB (OVER-3,W-1), 1* (OVER-2,W-1), 1* (OVER-3,W-2), 0 (OVER-0.5,W-0), DNB


I Gocchayat- 1

K Barik- 0

S Pattnaik- 6 (OVER-1,W-0), 22

B Nishad- DNB (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-3,W-2)

Dream11 Small League Team

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