How to be profitable in Dream11


Please read this completely and carefully, don’t skip this is not your exam where you can pass with 45 marks out of 100 here you need 100% patience and luck to win big.
FANTASY(DREAM 11) is 80% HARD WORK and 20% LUCK…

According to me, the actual problem is with the budget planning and investment strategy. In India, most of fantasy users are from middle class families who wants to win big and jump into that high class people. So, they contact to fantasy experts working on various social media handles. The duty of the fantasy experts should be to give correct and transparent information and knowledge to all their followers but unfortunately some of them use them to increase their own there we will giving you free teams with investment strategy.

Timing Of Investment For profitable in Dream11

Don’t invest all your money in one match.
Try to join 1-2 hours  before a match start. (it will help you to choose your own competetor especially for h2h and h3h)

One of big mistake that fantasy players make is that after they win a match or two, they invest all their money in one match. If luck doesn’t favor them, they lose all their money.

Profitable Plan



Step 1:- Deposit Some particular amount to your dream 11 account 5k, 4k, 3k, 2k 1k 500 or 200 any amount
Divide it to 4-5 contest play only H2H or H3H

EX:- If you invest ₹100
Join 3 contest each of H2H(₹15) & H3H(₹17) Total investment will be ₹96
If you win all contest you will get ₹207
Even if you lose 2-3 contest it doesn’t matter.


Plan 2


Don’t be greedy and please don’t withdraw the money. If you withdraw for any reason, please do step 1 once again.
Lets say you have ₹2000 according to step 1
You have to divide your money by half for your next investment strategy. It will be ₹1000

Now try to play h3h with h4h (if you don’t want to risk continue with h2h / 10m5w) now join 5 contest’s from h3h (₹77) & 2 contests of h4h(₹299).

If team is average it will balance your investment also you may get some profit .If team made clean sweep you will be getting ₹3000 from investment of ₹983..
It gives you ₹2000 profit₹

Plan 3


Dont worry you left another ₹1000 in your wallet not devide it to ₹500 and invest it accordingly like 1:3 (h4h : h3h) ratio or you can risk full ₹1000 but if you lose you have to
start from beginning.

The reason I’m suggesting you this strategy is you are not investing large amount from your bank account it is the profit amount which you earned from previous match…
Hope you find this useful.

Contect Us For Wining With Us

Dream11 League Means

H2H- head two head (only 2 players) H3H – 3 players league.
10MEM5W- 10 members and 5 winners league.
Mini gl are contest with more than 25-500 members.

Grand league are contest with more than 500 members.
Small leagues are 2-4 members.

Some Tips How To be Profitable in Dream11

1- Always invest same amount in all matches. Keep a daily budget and invest equal amount in 3-4 matches in one day.
2- Don’t consider any match as jackpot. Remember if a match is predictable then everyone can predict it.
3- Avoid international matches. If u play then don’t invest more as information is easily available and it all depends on luck after that.
4- Although head to head looks safe but if you know theory of probability then you will understand that you will always be in loss. So we advise our clients to join 11 members league with two teams or 20 members with 3 teams. In this case even if you win 4 out of 10 matches you will be in profit.
5- Always join small leagues as early as possible with your own teams and later edit the teams. You will get weaker opponents because often people forget to change the team.
6- On the contrary, join grand league as late as possible because sometimes these leagues don’t fill up and you will get lesser oponents.
7- We always give Team 1 and Team 2 for small leagues and if you decide to join 2-6 members league then join with different team in different league. Never depend on a single team.
8- If time permits, you should check the opponents profile and join leagues where there are newer or weaker opponents.

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