25 bok vs dum dream11 prediction

BOK vs DUM Dream11 Prediction

We provide BOK vs DUM ultimate dream11 team and Experts Prime Prediction to win all dream11 leagues. The 22nd match Bokaro Blasters vs Dumka Daredevils, Jharkhand T20 League 2020 will be played on September 25. Let’s see the BOK vs DUM dream11 team preview in-detail.

BOK are a very good side has won 4 games and lost 2 games and will look to keep winning momentum, while DUM won 1st game by 1 run and was a very competitive game and has won 5 games, lost 1 game.


The bowlers are getting great help from the Ranchi surface and will look to dominate in this match as well. The pitch has supported both seamers and spinners equally so far. Batsmen will have to spend quality time to get going on this wicket to get the runs flowing.

Average first innings score: 110 (Last five uninterrupted full T20 matches played at this venue)

Record of chasing teams:  Won – 3, Lost – 2, Tied – 0


1ST INNINGS:- DUM-119/3 (OVER-20)
2ND INNINGS:- JAM-114/6 (OVER-20)
1ST INNINGS:- SIN- 96/9 (OVER-20)
2ND INNINGS:- RAN- 99/4 (OVER-19)

1ST INNINGS:- DHA- 136/8 (OVER-20)
2ND INNING:- BOK- 129/8 (OVER-20)
1ST INNING:- JAM- 130/7 (OVER-20)
2ND INNING:- SIN- 105/5 (OVER-16)

In the Jharkhand T20 League 2020, we have Bokaro Blasters squaring off against Dumka Daredevils at JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi, Ranchi. This match will be taking place on Friday, September 25, 2020 01:30 PM.

Jharkhand T20 League 2020 – Match Details


V Vishal- 2, 43 (OVER-1,W-1), 1, 17
K Kushagra- 3, 0, 19, 5
A Bharadwaj- 12
P Yadav- 16 (OVER-4,W-2), 10 (OVER-3,W-0), 9 (OVER-4,W-2), 7 (OVER-3,W-0)
K Deobrat- 15, 5, 10*, 47
A R Singh- 31, 3, 42, 27
V Singh- 27 (OVER-4,W-1), 7* (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-3.5,W-2), 18* (OVER-4,W-0)
Y Kumar- 2 (OVER-2,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-3), 4* (OVER-2,W-0), 0 (OVER-4,W-1)
A Kumar JR- 1* (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-3), 7 (OVER-3,W-1)
P Ranjan- 6* (OVER-4,W-2)
P Kumar- DNB (OVER-2,W-1), DNB (OVER-1,W-0), DNB (OVER-2,W-1), 7* (OVER-3,W-0)


R Singh- 22, 9
AK Singh- DNB (OVER-2,W-1)
A Singh- 1
N Kashyap- DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-0)
P Chourasia- 0


A Sinha- 13, 8, 15, 17, 43
A Sharma- 4, 4*, 40 (OVER-4,W-0), 5 (OVER-1,W-0), 13 (OVER-4,W-1)
M Kumar- 52*, 14, 17*, 5, 11
B Anand- 20, 2, 27, 12*, 29
S Chakraborty- 14* (OVER-4,W-0), 7 (OVER-2,W-1), 29* (OVER-3,W-1), 0 (OVER-1,W-1), 12 (OVER-4,W-1)

A Kumar- DNB (OVER-3,W-2), 2*, 20*
SK Singh- DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-3.4,W-3), 1* (OVER-1,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-0)
R Singh- DNB (OVER-1,W-0), DNB (OVER-1,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-1,W-3), DNB (OVER-3,W-1)
A Kumar- DNB, DNB
IA Khan- DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-2,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-1,W-0)
N Kumar-DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 7 (OVER-1,W-0), 2* (OVER-2,W-0)


N Bhaskar- DNB, DNB
A Jain- DNB, DNB
S Sanghal- DNB, DNB
A Kumar Sr- 0



BOK vs DUM Dream11 Star Performers Prediction – Experts Prime View:

Y Kumar can be very good captain for BOK vs DUM match as he will provide points through both department So, we can keep him as captain for our dream11 team.

A Sharma has been in good touch has very good record, will be the most favorite choice for all dream11 users

Bokaro Blasters vs Dumka Daredevils: Dream11 Grand League Prediction:

The below Players are selected by very fewer people and Good Choices for Grand League Teams.

J Ashraf is selected by only 21.18% of the users. He is capable of taking two plus wickets. So, we can expect him to boost our ranking in BOK vs DUM.

Bokaro Blasters Squad

Ankit Raj Singh, Kumar Kushagra, Aayush Bhardwaj, Kumar Deobrat, Vikash Vishal, Prem Kumar Chourasiya, Rajandeep Singh, Yuvraj Kumar, Vikash Singh, Pratik Ranjan, Mohammad Asif Mansoori, Pratik Kumar, Ajit Kumar Singh, Pankaj Yadav-II, Ashish Kumar-Jr, Nityanand Kashyap

Bokaro Blasters Playing 11 (Expected)

  • Kumar Kushagra (WK)
  • Kumar Deobrat
  • Vikash Vishal
  • Prem Kumar Chourasiya
  • Yuvraj Kumar
  • Vikash Singh
  • Ajit Kumar Singh
  • Aayush Bhardwaj
  • Rajandeep Singh
  • Nityanand Kashyap
  • Mohammad Asif Mansoori

BOK vs DUM Dream11: Bokaro Blasters Fantasy Picks

  • Kumar Kushagra (WK)
  • Kumar Deobrat
  • Vikash Vishal
  • Prem Kumar Chourasiya
  • Yuvraj Kumar

Dumka Daredevils Squad

Bhanu Anand, Mohit Kumar, Arnav Sinha, Istekhar Ahmed-Khan, Kumar Suvarn, Ronit Singh, Saurabh Shekhar, Amit Kumar, Amit Kumar-II, Ayush Kumar, Nishikant Kumar, Alok Sharma, Harshdev Gautam, Junaid Ashraf, Sonu Kr-Singh, Supriyo Chakraborty

Dumka Daredevils Playing 11 (Expected)

  • Bhanu Anand (WK)
  • Arnav Sinha
  • Istekhar Ahmed-Khan
  • Kumar Suvarn
  • Saurabh Shekhar
  • Amit Kumar
  • Amit Kumar-II
  • Nishikant Kumar
  • Alok Sharma
  • Junaid Ashraf
  • Supriyo Chakraborty

BOK vs DUM Dream11: Dumka Daredevils Fantasy Picks

  • Bhanu Anand (WK)
  • Arnav Sinha
  • Istekhar Ahmed-Khan
  • Kumar Suvarn
  • Saurabh Shekha

Fantasy Team For Small League

bok vs dha Dream11

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