lio vs pan Dream11 Team Prediction

LIO vs PAN Kodak Kerala T20 Match Dream11 Team Prediction

If you are looking for the best LIO vs PAN dream11 team you are at right place. Today, We are going to discuss LIO vs PAN Match news, LIO vs PAN fantasy Cricket prediction, and dream11 fantasy data. This League is called Kodak Kerala T20 in the dream11 app

PAN vs LIO Dream11 Match Details:-

Date & Time: 15th March 2021; 10:00 AM IST.
Venue: Sanatana Dharma College Ground, Alappuzha, Kerala.

Dream11 Pitch Report Prediction

The pitch looks good for batting. For the last few matches, some good totals have been scored. The average score is 147 so we can expect a big scoring match again. Whoever wins the toss would prefer to bat first.

Average first innings score:

147 (Last 5 complete matches played on this venue)

Record of chasing teams:

Won – 3, Lost – 2, Tie – 0 (Last 5 complete matches played on this venue)

PAN Batting Order and Performance

S Mohan- 29, 21, 28

A Ali- 0 (OVER-3,W-2), 1 (OVER-2,W-0)

S Roger- 26, 6, 6

S Sanjeev- 0, 42, 50*

S Suresh- 28, 47*, 53*

Kk Jiyas- 16 (OVER-2,W-0), 16* (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

J Perayil- 9 (OVER-4,w-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

P Prasad- 20* (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-3)

N Babu- 3* (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-3,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0)

M Krishna- DNB (OVER-4,W-3), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

K Sagar- DNB (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)


KS Aravind- 16, 0

Hk D- DNB (OVER-4,W-2)

Adhidev j:- 4

LIO Batting Order

Abhiram CH- 1, 27, 9

Vishnu Mohan- 56, 17, 75*

Abdul Basith- 54 (OVER-1,W-0), 27 (OVER-3.3,W-1), 50

Akshay Manohar- 0, 22, 0*

A Mohan- 25 (OVER-4,W-2), 27 (OVER-3,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-2)

Vinod Kumar- 15

A Francis- 0, 27*, DNB (OVER-1,W-0)

V Kumar- 0 (OVER-4,W-2), 15, 1 (OVER-3,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-3)

P Midhun- 1* (OVER-4,W-0), 1* (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

A Prakash- SNB

AS Sankar- DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-3,W-1)


D Prem- DNB, DNB

V Suresh- DNB (OVER-2,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-2)

LIO Players Performance

Abhiram CH-5M – 225R

Vishnu Mohan(wk) – 16M – 323R

Akshay Manohar – 12M – 213R – 3W

Abdul Bazith PA-22M – 370R – 19W

Salman Nizar – 5M – 52R (T20) 14M – 368R (LA)

Vinu Kumar Gopalakrishnan-10M – 420R-7W

Alfrin Francis John – 6M – 11W

Midhun PK – 76M – 1860R – 152W (SLAO)

Vinod Kumar CV – 15M – 91R-12W (T20)

Vishweshwar Suresh – 7M – 17W (FC)

Abhishek Mohan – 4M-20R – 5W (T20)

Riyaz PA-9M – 311R – 14W

Dheeraj Prem – 25M – 707R

Ashil Prakash – 27M – 455R-26W

Riya Basheer – 4M – 74R

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